LAHSA students go to Boston!

This summer, Somin Jeon and Michael Buenagua, current seniors, were selected for an all-expenses-paid trip to Boston for an international Teen Summit - a biennial youth leadership event hosted by the Clubhouse Network.
Michael and Somin spent their junior year as media interns at the Bresee Teen Tech Center, which is part of the Clubhouse network. They had a great experience and made a strong impression! Michael and Somin were selected, along with one other student, to represent Bresee at this important event.
During the Teen Summit, representatives from each clubhouse met in person to share ideas and engage in cross-Clubhouse collaboration. It provided students with a unique opportunity to see their place in the greater Network, work towards educational and career goals, and foster a greater understanding of cultures and youth experience around the world.
Michael and Somin participated in several hands-on workshops and discussions with students and professionals from around the world. They also got a taste of college life, staying at the Boston University campus and exploring the city. It was a great way to kick off senior year! 
"One of my favorite moments from the Teen Youth Summit was when we divided into groups and discussed how we can help the community - my topic was safety. Also, meeting different people from other states and countries was really interesting because I learned about different cultures and languages.
"My favorite moment was when they showcased the winner of the Reach Film Festival. I may not have won in the documentary category, but seeing all those winning videos that were made by students really made me happy.