Summer Internships

LAHSA students were busy over the summer learning new skills and gaining professional experience!
Here are some of the internships and programs students participated in this summer:
Shakespeare Center LA's Will Power to Youth: acting internship
Bresee Youth Center: media internship and goals for life (education) internship
Expanding Horizons: law internship
Puede Innovation Lab: engineering/architecture program
LA Department of Sanitation SITES program: engineering & environmental science internship
Students Reflect:
"The Bresee Media Internship gave me the opportunity to explore my interest in film. I improved my public speaking, leadership and photography skills, and I developed new skills in video editing.  This experience will help me in the future when working with clients of my own." 
"During my summer internship with SITES, I worked for the Information & Control Systems Division. I learned many valuable skills like how to work in a professional environment as a collaborative team member."
"At Shakespeare Center LA, I learned about leadership and the different styles it can take, such as facilitative, transversal, and communicative. This internship gave me the mindset that I do have a voice and...the power to unlock confidence inside me, even when I feel doubtful.  Through this program, you have the opportunity to speak your mind and gain essential skills in life. You observe certain aspects of the world through Shakespeare, which makes you think."
"The Expanding Horizons internship was an eye-opening experience with many opportunities like networking with important people. I learned how to collaborate with groups and manage my time. I think other students should apply for this internship because it will really open doors for you!"