10th grade Children's Theatre Performance

What better way for actors to learn about children's theatre then doing it for an authentic audience? It's a beloved, annual tradition for our 10th grade acting students to perform works by Shel Silverstein for elementary school students on the RFK campus.


This year, we had 200 NOW Academy students ranging from kindergarten to 3rd grade in the audience. LAHSA students performed a variety of Shel Silverstein poems in small groups, adding props and movement to bring the stories to life. The children loved the actors' creative and energetic performances. One highlight was during the poem "Sister for Sale". After hearing the line "...who'll start the bidding, do I hear a dollar?", one little girl in the audience enthusiastically raised her hand, waving a dollar bill!


After the performances were over, the young audience had a chance to meet the performers. There were high-fives, hugs and smiles all around!