LAHSA students explore Othello with A Noise Within Theatre Company

The 2nd annual RFK Community Night at A Noise Within theatre company in Pasadena took place on February 12th. 350 RFK students, parents and staff attended a thrilling performance of Othello and were treated to a pizza dinner during intermission. As part of this partnership between A Noise Within, LAHSA, Educare, and Beyond the Bell, 116 LAHSA 9th grade students were also able to experience professional workshops before and after the performance to deepen their learning. 
Pre-show Workshops: Thematic Exploration and Set Design
Acting students learned about the characters in Othello and one of the main themes, status, through a fun card activity and text analysis led by professional actress and teaching artist, Jessica Winward. Design students learned about the set for Othello from scenic designer, Frederika Nascimento, and then created their own set pieces.
Post-show Workshops: Sword Play and Costume Design
Acting students learned the art of sword play and stage combat from Passado Action Theatre professionals, Nicholas King and Raisa Donato. WATCH the students in action!
Costume designer, Angela Balogh Calin, shared her process with the design students and guided them in creating their own costume renderings using collage.
Thank you to A Noise Within, Educare and Beyond the Bell for providing our students with this incredible opportunity!